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Preparing to Breastfeed
7 Reasons to Breastfeed
Foolproof Breastfeeding Success Here by norwegian_wood
Formula Formula Truths - The website hosting this is down but I'm going to talk to sugarpoisonappl and see if she wants to reprint it in her journal.
Post with succes tips for moms to be
10 Tips For Success
Info on pre-eclampsia
Info on Flat and Inverted Nipples
Leaking blood during pregnancy
Breastfeeding as baby grows birth - 11+ months

The Early Days
Jaundice Post with info HERE
Latch/Position Post with info HERE
Chart with info for the early days
Newborn hypoglycemia

Road Blocks
Mom Wants To Give Up Post with info here
Gassy Babies Post with info Here
Getting baby OFF the bottle Post here by norwegian_wood
Low Milk Supply Here by onlyariana also see new directions for increasing supply by conchispa and Medically necessary supplementing by alphapythia
Thrush Post here with some info Thrush and Bottles
Sleepy Baby Post with info here
Nipple Confusion/Preference Page Here with info by ceeinjax
Page with info on unsupportive family
Alternative Feeding Methods Post with Info Here SNS Tutorial by conchispa SNS and Cup Feeding Videos HERE Alternatives to Bottles
When Supplementation is Necessary

Later Days
Breastmilk After One Year
Solids Texture Aversion by magicpointeshoe
Biting Here by babyslime Pacifiers and Biting
Teething Post with info HERE
Essay on child led weaning

Living with Breastfeeding
Losing Weight While Breastfeeding HERE by chrispina
Teeth Whitners
Piercings Here by acidflowers
More on Piercings Here And Here
Tattoos Post with info here
Choosing A Bra post with info here -- large breasts
NIP Here by runawaybunni
Caffeine Alcohol and OTC Medications Post With Info Here
Smoking and Brastfeeding
Bipolar Meds
Birth Control
Post Partum Depression Article about DHA and PPD
Do I need to keep taking prenatal vitamins?
Can I donate blood while breastfeeding
Infant Development and More on infant development

Co-Sleeping Great essay here by two_roads
Baby Wearing Here by saxface
Dads and Breastfeeding Post with info here
LLL article on Dads and Breastfeeding HERE

Special Circumstances
Tongue Tie Post with info here
Breast Surgery Here by conchispa and more supplementing with bottles and increasing supply
C-section Here by arianamama
Nursing During Pregnancy Here by smallandfierce Post with info here
Multiples Here by simplymelodious
Going back to Work or School Page here by ceeinjax
Preemie Post With Info Here
Alternative Feeding Methods Post with Info Here
PCOS Info Here An Ask Moxie post Post Here Another Post here PCOS and OVERsupply
Dental/Breastfeeding issues
SNS Tutorial by conchispa
Relactating Post with info HERE
PPD (extreme case)

Nipple Shields Here by the_leh Post with info on weaning from them here
Pacifiers Post with info here
Getting A Breastfed Baby To Take A Bottle Post with info here
Poopy Problems Color of the Day by Dr. Jay Gordon
Great Dads Discussion here
Watch Your Language
Can I Nurse My Baby TOO Often?
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